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Learn HTML5

This course teaches you how to create webpages from scratch using the most current standard in HTML — HTML5.
HTML5 is the latest standard in web page coding. Whether you’re a new or seasoned web designer, you need to know the latest in HTML architecture. HTML5 standards bring several new tags, including tags that enhance media and animations. Instead of clunky Flash applications, you use the canvas tag. Instead of embedding third-party software for users to view video or audio, you can use the video and audio tags. These are just a few of the new tags available to you.

This course teaches you all the basics of HTML including the latest in CSS styling. We discuss basic syntax and move forward to more advanced features such as JavaScript with animations, CSS3 and media queries, and styling with some of the new HTML5 tags. We don’t just discuss HTML5, but we also tell you how to perform actual design elements using embedded CSS classes. We also discover the latest form field tags that make gathering information and input from your users much easier.

We start with creating a simple HTML web page and end with a list of miscellaneous tags that are new in HTML 5. We also give you a list of several deprecated tags that are no longer in use. You can still use them in HTML 5 website design, but deprecated functionality often gets dropped eventually. If you’re new to HTML 5 or just want to extend your web design knowledge, this comprehensive course provides you a step-by-step tutorial and several hours of HD Video demonstrations to bring you up to speed with the latest in web application architecture and standards.

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