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New Inis Books In Nenagh Library

Pop into Nenagh library to pick up some of our new Inis Books! They range from our board books right through to our young adult section.

This year Children’s Books Ireland turned 20 years old. Their vision is an Ireland in which books are part of every child’s life and where meaningful engagement with books is supported by passionate and informed adults in families, schools, libraries and communities all across the country.

The Inis Reading Guide is one of their most important ways of sharing books. By recommending the very best books in all genres and age groups, they try to ensure that children find the right book for them, often with some help from adults in their lives such as parents, grandparents, librarians, or teachers.

Throughout the year they also publish Inis magazine online and in print so members can access reviews of all their most recent titles.

For more information on the Inis guide or Children’s Books Ireland visit


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