The Great Questions of Tomorrow by David Rothkopf

Government, war, the economy, human identity, philosophy and the way we work. All of these, among others, are soon to be transformed. As technological advancements usher in a time where, for the first time, each and every human being on the planet will be connected by more than 50 billion manmade devices, our global society is going through a major and rapid change.

CEO and editor of the FP Group (who publish Foreign Policy Magazine) David J. Rothkopf is a revered and cutting-edge commentator on global trends; the writer of a weekly column for his magazine, and the author of numerous widely-acclaimed titles.

In this newest work, released on the back of his highly successful TED talk of 2015, Rothkopf aims to delve beneath these changes, and explore not only the ideas that will help usher in this new era, but also the people behind them. Like Da Vinci and Jefferson, Darwin and Marx, there are thinkers working now who, over time, will be viewed as massively influential in this time of upheaval.

But who are they? And what are their stories? What unlikely places do they come from – with mobile money in Tanzania and Kenya to the Internet being treated as a basic human right in places like Costa Rica and Estonia – and how are they received there? Rothkopf, then, is determined to uncover those on the cusp of scientific research, giving never-before-heard, world-changing ideas their debut platform.

These are the debates that are happening right now, those that are poised to produce incredible breakthroughs in the coming years, but are yet to be publically revealed. And with a wide-range of areas covered, including education, health, and money, there is sure to be something compelling and relevant for everyone.


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