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Thurles: Dave Rudden Entertained A Packed Auditorium In The Source Library

Our first Children’s Book Festival event this year exceeded far beyond our expectations.  The hugely vibrant Dave Rudden entertained a packed auditorium for over two hours, with over 400 primary school children attending.  Feedback from the teachers was especially positive with both young and older really enjoying themselves.  Dave performed parts out of the book in a very unique way that we have never experienced before, while his excited audience hung on his every word with baited breath.   Dave has just finished writing the third book in the ‘Knights of the Borrowed Dark’ Trilogy and it will be available to purchase in April 2018.  His trilogy is aimed at young teenagers.   This young author has a very distinctive way of writing together with a brilliant turn of phrase that stays with you long after reading his books.  The American author R.L. Stine who has sold over 400 million books himself tweeted praise for Rudden’s  juvenile fantasy novel, calling it “clever, dark and fun”.   If you haven’t been fortunate enough to read his books, get borrowing them from your nearest library.  Do not miss out!  There is no doubt that this exceptional author has a great career ahead of him and we wish him every success for the future.

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