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Thurles Library; House Without Windows Review

In ” A House Without Windows”, Nadia Hashimi takes readers to a woman’s prison in Afghanistan and examines the way in which justice works in that country after the Taliban has been pushed back by western troops. Our main character is Zeba, a mother of four, awaiting trial, accused of the brutal killing of her husband. Enter Yusef, the Afghan-American, an idealistic lawyer who returns to the land of his youth and is chosen to defend Zeba. The problem soon arises that Yusef cannot appear to build a case and his client isn’t really willing to help him out.

“A House Without Windows” examines the plight of Afghanistan’s women as their fates straddle the link between their country’s traditional beliefs and a new world. Like Yusef, I felt frustration at the way in which things were, but I could also understand the realities of what these women face in the justice system. As one character laments later “How the world would be different if a woman could judge.”
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