Typing and Keyboarding 101

Course Description

Today, knowing how to type fast is almost a necessity in the business world.  More and more corporate-world employees are being asked to create reports, sales letters, business plans, blogs, web content, forecasts and more.  Knowing how to type can save you hours of valuable work time, increasing your productivity.


This course, Typing and Keyboarding for Business Professionals, is entirely self-teaching.  Each lesson is short, simple and easy to master, with easy-to-understand text and custom-designed typing drills. Here are some features you will like about this course:


1.  Cumulative Reviews:  At the end of each lesson, you will be quizzed on the most important points to remember.  This will help to reinforce your understanding of those keys before you go on to the new ones.

2.  Accuracy and Speed-Building practice:  Learning how to type faster means nothing without the accuracy that goes along with it.  We’ve created special practice drills that will help you master both.

3.  Learn Business Correspondence Formats:  This course helps you learn and understand the correct format and etiquette for the most common letters, documents and notes used when communicating in the business world.

4.  Speed and Accuracy Tests:  We’ve provided tests that allow you to see how your words per minute (wpm) rate and your accuracy have improved over the course of the class.

5.  Online Typing Aids:  To help you continue to practice, we’ve provided links to several websites offering free typing games and tests.


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