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Voyage Of Innocence By Elizabeth Edmondson

Three very different young women go up to Oxford in the years immediately before World War Two.

Vee – the clergyman’s daughter. Boyish, alluring, she plans to use her time at Oxford to put right everything that went wrong in her loveless childhood. Her friendship with Alfred introduces her to politics and the subversive attractions of secret societies; it will lead to her career as a secret agent, but at what cost to old loyalties and her true feelings?

Claudia, radiant, intense, aristocratic, is equally drawn to the secret society and one member in particular; his dazzling influence will see her travel to Berlin and come under the spell of Fascism as war looms.

And Lally, glamorous daughter of an Irish-American senator, is sceptical of the society and the arguments from both sides. Her own choices will bring her into Vee’s new life, with all its dangers and betrayals. As the world becomes embroiled in the events of war, what price personal values, losses and loves?

‘A very interesting book, not only because it gives a flavour of life in the thirties … it’s a way of imbibing history.’  —  The Oxford Times

‘Well written and superbly researched …’  —  Yours Magazine

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