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Thurles hosted their teddy bear sleepover last night ! We had lots of stories about Cranky Bears trying to sleep, The Ugly Duckling and Goodnight Harry. As the children tucked their teddy in for the night we sang “I Love My Teddy Bear” to make sure the teddys were asleep before we switched out the lights! When the staff came in this morning there were lots of interesting pictures on the cameras! Minnie Mouse led the way coving up some of the cameras with her blanket her owner Lily did warn us she was a wild one! Grace’s Olaf had a lucky escape as he sat at the radiator to get warm! We would have a lot to answer for if Grace found a puddle instead of her friend today! The pictures are up on the walls today for the children to see what mischief took place last night! All teddy bears will receive a certificate today for taking part in our sleepover for being so good!!! Thanks to all the parents who ventured out in the rain to take part in last nights event! 

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