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Hi Book lovers it’s Kim, Bridget, Susan, Carol, Elaine, Nicola, Laoise, Martin and Kevin from the “BookTastic Book Club” and this month we are reviewing “Peaceful Like A Panda” which is wrote by the award winning author Kira Willey and beautifully illustrated by Anni Betts.
This book contains 30 mindful moments to bring calm to every part of life. Even though “Peaceful Like A Panda” is designed for children don’t let this stop you checking out this wonderful book because it is broken down into categories that will give you the option of choosing the exercises that suit you best to use in your daily life. So for example if you find it hard to get going in the morning then “Wake up Wiggle” is just the thing for you.
You can choose from other categories such as “Rise and Shine”, “Brain Boosters”, “Let’s Eat” and “Goodnight”. We had a loads of fun practising the exercise “Ha, Ha- Hyena”- just try not to laugh out loud – it’s impossible!!! Just ask Nicola!!
“Butterfly Breath”, “Straw Breath”, “Jellyfish Breath” and “Starfish” bought us a lovely sense of peace and relaxation.
We loved “Give Yourself a Hug” because through practising this exercise it made us realise that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and that we should try to appreciate all the good things about ourselves and to be more kind to ourselves.
If you have difficulty unwinding at night and can’t stop your mind from racing then this book is just for you as it wraps up with a lovely exercise called “Good Night Worries” which will help you drift into a deep peaceful sleep.
We absolutely loved Kira Willey’s Book “Peaceful Like a Panda” and we are going to continue to practisie the mindful exercises that she has shown us. We really hope you enjoy this book as much as all of us. Enjoy!!

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