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BorrowBox Accessibility: Everyone Can Experience The Joys Of Books And Storytelling

Did you know…

…you now have the ultimate accessibility solution with BorrowBox?

BorrowBox enables everyone to experience the joy of books and storytelling through its user-friendliness. Features include everything from a dyslexic font and customizable text size on the eReader, to having complete control over the speed of the audio on the eAudioplayer.

Honestly, it’s that good!


Dyslexic Users – We have added a special font to the iOS eBook reader that makes text more readable for dyslexic users.

Adjustable Player Speeds – Everyone listens differently, and with the playback-speed options you can enjoy eAudiobooks at your own pace.

Visually Impaired Users – The entire app is optimised to work with Apple’s VoiceOver functionality. BorrowBox utilises the built-in screen reader to provide meaningful auditory descriptions of each on-screen element. This also includes an optimised eBook experience for the visually impaired.


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