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ARTddiction by Mike Gale

ARTddiction will certainly lead to coffee and caffeine addiction.
Wishing to express my ideas as clear as I can, I often stay up late at night to work on new paintings.There’s an unwritten law that artist’s inspiration comes late at night. I’m not an exception. This is my ideal time for work and creativity, mingled with many emptied cups of coffee.

Each time when this beautiful addictive smell touches my nostrils, it invites smile on my face. While I sip this tasty lifeblood, I get inspirations and ideas.
My pigment routine starts by mixing coffee with water from St. Patrick’s Well which blends the Irish heritage with modern life’s vice on my easel. The magic unwrapping when I spill my coffee on the drawing paper forming interesting shapes and golden-brown hues, which gives unique touch to every  painting. Every seemingly unintentionally spilled drop of coffee on a drawing sheet gets some meaning and perfectly slips into the picture.
It was a tempting idea to forever capture in my works this sinful golden liquid and special scent.

Coffee creates a sort of magical patina, which gives an antique look, and easily can send the beholders back to the long forgotten past. For a full experience watch them accompanied with a nice hot cup of coffee.

Photograph: Edvina Nikutovic

Exhibition in Roscrea Library
from 3 Jun – 28 Jun


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