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Tipperary County Council aims to provide a high quality of service, in a safe and secure environment. In order to achieve this, we would ask our customers to note that the following behaviour will not be accepted in any of our facilities. This Code of Conduct has been established for all those who use the facilities and have dealings with Tipperary County Council including customers, elected members and members of the public.

Please note that the following behaviour is not acceptable:

1. Behaviour which is disruptive and interferes with the use and enjoyment of the facility by others.

2. Harassment of staff or members of the public by use of abusive, racist, obscene or threatening language.

3. Use of violence or threat of violence toward staff and/or members of the public.

4. Malicious damage to and/or theft of Tipperary County Council property.

5. The use of alcohol and illicit drugs while using Tipperary County Council’s facilities.

6. Smoking in public areas within any Tipperary County Council premises.

7. Personal property being left unattended while using Tipperary County Council facilities.

Please help us to encourage the responsible and considerate use of Tipperary County Council facilities by observing the Code of Conduct.

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