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A few words about this months exhibition:

My name is Ligi Joy.I am from Roscrea.I started drawing and painting as a toddler and have paritcipated in several competitions,during my school age.I am a nurse by profession.I have not received any formal art training as a child or student.I like to do oil ,acrylic,watercolor,glass paintings and multi- media paintings.Although,I enjoy different subject matter,my favourites are landscapes and flowers.

This is my fourth art exhibition in Ireland.I would like to give a positive contribution from this,to help the poor and diseased people.Because,I believe that ,extending one hand to help others worth more than joining two hands in prayers.I am not able to put in words how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere and we all see the power of colours daily,often unconsciously.

For me ,colours are reflection of life and I believe that “Images speak louder than words”.

This exhibition runs until the end of May.

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