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Guinness ARTddiction

Ireland painted with Vice

Artist name: Mike Gale

I am engaged in the painting of Irish motifs for a long time. Due to my great love for this mysterious Country, I was thinking about how can I achieve to paint original motifs using an authentic domestic medium and pigments to get a specific Irish style.

I came up with the idea to paint with something that was produced in Ireland, which is recognizable by every living soul on Emerald Island.

I lived in Dublin 8 close enough to Guinness brewery, to constantly smell that magic fragrance that is spread over several districts of Dublin while the cereals are prepared and cooked in the process of making beer.

Years later, I moved to a small heritage town called Roscrea in the heart of Tipperary. I was lucky to rent a well known legendary old Irish pub called Hennessey’s Bar. The pub still gives me a feeling from that time, of course. I turned this pub into my Art Studio, but it still did not lose its magic, especially since I learned that once Bono came in this very pub and drunk a pint of Guinness.

So it seems to me, this was destiny and all the signs around me were pointed to Guinness, but I did not notice it then.

Till one day I filled my glass with Guinness stout, as I finished my sketching and while I showed my sketch to my wife and held the pint in my hand, she accidentally pushed my hand and the beer spilled onto the paper and my first reaction was to tell her some “nice” words, but shortly my displeasure turned into a wonder while I watched before my very eyes those spreading golden brown shades forming abstract shapes on my paper, so as you can imagine I was highly grateful for her clumsiness.

From that moment on, I knew it was an idea to follow. All the magic I had searched for years I was able to find in only one sinful liquid called Guinness, which has already been recorded in history with its taste, quality recognition brand elegance, and lifestyle.

I have always been fascinated with the refinement that Guinness presents. Combining the elegance of the black liquid with white foam and golden harp creates a luxurious appearance.

To my great joy, this marvelous drink on watercolor paper turns into glossy golden-brown shades while retaining the same elegance it provides in every way. Even when I drink it, as it passes through my throat, I can’t miss out on the silky feeling while the liquid caresses my throat.

Since I started this my adventure with Guinness, I heard various compliments and advice. One of them sounded that we need to protect the paintings with glass so that the art & beer lovers would not lick the medium from the artwork.

In this medium, I am able to capture the most significant moments of life.

Which Guinness lover would not want to have its wedding, favorite four-legged companion, family or its best friends captured forever in their favorite sinful liquid?

In moments when you are nervous, take a deep breath, look at the painting, because it is widely known that Stout has a hypnotic calming benefit.


Artist Name: Mike Gale

Photographer: Edvina Nikutovic

Exhibition in Roscrea Library

from 6 January to 31 January

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