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Joining the library

  • Membership of the library service FREE.
  • You can join online here.
  • You can join at any age and use the library services. If you are under 18 years you should ask your parent/guardian to accept the terms and conditions on your behalf. You can renew your membership annually. In order to join a person must complete an application form, either online or in person. S/he must visit a library and produce photographic identification (who they are) and proof of current address (where they live) to activate membership.
  • Children and young people under the age of eighteen years must get the permission of a parent or guardian to join the library. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children in the library, their children’s selections and use of library materials and services, including access to the Internet.
  • Adults and persons with a young adult’s ticket can access the Internet in the library, subject to the Internet access policy.
  • Your library card is individual to you. It may not be used by anyone else. Bring your card to the library every time you visit.
  • You are asked to advise library staff, as soon as possible, of any changes in membership details or loss of library card.

Membership Conditions

  • Membership will allow you to access to all library collections, services and to the Internet subject to the Terms and Conditions. Internet access may vary according to the library you are using – please check with your local library.
  • You must at all times observe the Library‘s Code of Conduct while using the library facilities.
  • You must comply with the conditions of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.
  • Public libraries operate within the statutory framework in relation to all services including the Code of Behaviour for the protection and safeguarding of children in public libraries 2014. Library users must comply with all associated requirements.


A PIN will be issued with your membership card at the time you join the library. This number will be required to use our online services.
PINs can be reset online .

Fees and Charges

  • You must pay the replacement cost of items that are lost or damaged.
  • Parents and legal guardians are responsible for any charges  incurred by their children in their use of the library.
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