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This September Tipperary Council Council Library Service welcomes Evan Lynch of FitNut, Clonmel to give a series of healthy eating workshops for the public as part of our Healthy Ireland at Your Library programme.

Evan who specialises in sports and exercise nutrition, works a lot with Athletics Ireland, Cycling Ireland and alongside Olympic athletes and continental riders. Evan also works with people with a range of issues such as diabetes, IBS and weight loss.

Over three evenings in September, Evan will lead workshops on topics such as the basics of nutrition, fluid intake, what a healthy meal looks like, with some myth busting discussed too. The workshops will be held over Zoom, and there will be an opportunity to see what Evan is talking about and to ask him questions. These workshops are aimed at everybody – nutrition isn’t an exclusive topic, and everyone can benefit from understanding it a bit more.

Series of talks on:
1. Wednesday 9th September 2020, 7 p.m.
Talk one – A breakdown on the basics of nutrition, everything you need to know about macros, fluid intake and how diet can affect your health and weight

2. Wednesday 16th September, 7 p.m.
Talk two – In this talk we will apply the science and numbers to your everyday life. What is 10g of carbs? What does a healthy meal look like?

3. Wednesday 23rd September, 7 p.m.
Talk three – Can you eat late at night? Is bread bad for you? Does coffee dehydrate you? All of these answered and more.

To register for these workshops email, or phone Library Main Office on 0761 06 6100.

Healthy Ireland at Your Library, a Government-led initiative, is the national strategy to improve health and wellbeing, placing a focus on prevention, individual awareness and keeping people healthy for longer.

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