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Business English for Spanish / (Latin American) speakers
Business English for Chinese / (Mandarin) speakers
Brazilian Portuguese Soccer Celebration / Brazilian Portuguese
Endangered Languages (Tuvan) / Tuvan
Medical Spanish / Spanish (Latin America)
Hospitality & Tourism / Brazilian Portuguese
Soccer / Castilian Spanish
Flamenco / Castilian Spanish
Wine & Cheese / French
Carnival of Venice / Italian
Horse Race of Siena / Italian
English Loanwords / Japanese
Mimetic Words / Japanese
Feng Shui / Mandarin Chinese
Superstitions: Arabic (MSA) / Arabic (MSA)

Legal Spanish / Spanish (Latin American)
Texting: Spanish / Spanish (Latin American)
Texting: ESL Spanish / ESL Spanish
Zodiac / Mandarin Chinese
Etiquette / Arabic (MSA)
Slang: Russian / Russian
Superstitions: Russian / Russian
Oktoberfest German / German
Pirate / Pirate

Romantic Introductions Learn flirty phrases and romantic conversations in French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese with this love-filled courses.

Spanish for Librarians / Spanish (Latin American)
St. Patrick’s Day Irish / Irish

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