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How to use PressReader for online newspapers

You can access PressReader at or by downloading the PressReader app for apple or android devices.

You will need to log in with your library number, here’s how

  • Press ‘sign in’
  • Select the ‘Library and groups’ option
  • A list of libraries will then open from which you can choose Tipperary. Simply start typing your county or local authority areas and you should find it easily. Look out for the Libraries Ireland logo.
  • You will then be asked to enter your library card number.

That’s it – you’re now logged in and ready to read!

Your login grants you 30 days access initially. When this 30 days has expired a new period can be started simply by logging out and back in using the same method.

*Important Update*

Unfortunately as of the 14th of April 2021 PressReader can no longer offer access to the Irish Independent, Sunday Independent or any publications owned by INM. The reason for this is that INM have chosen to end their parntership with PressReader due to new ownership and a new focus on digital subscription. PressReader have exhausted multiple avenues in an attempt to avert this but, unfortunately, to no avail. As a consequence, from the 14th of April 2021 INM titles will no longer be available through the PressReader platform.

If you have any queries regarding the PressReader service please contact or call 052 616 6100.

An animated video showing you how to use the PressReader App to access Newspapers from around the world.

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