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Tipperary County Council recognises that public commemoration plaques, memorials and monuments offer opportunities to honour, celebrate, or remember a person, group of persons or events of significance. The Civic Memorial Policy sets out the process by which Tipperary County Council will consider the commemoration of events or individuals who have shaped the County, either by the naming of infrastructure or by the installation of monuments, memorials and plaques in the public domain.

It is important for Tipperary County Council to establish a policy on this matter due to:

  • The need to have clarity regarding the policy and procedures for the consideration of proposals from individuals and interest groups
  • The increased level of demand for the naming of infrastructure and the erection of plaques, memorials and monuments
  • The emotive nature of requests where people are deceased
  • The need to ensure that a proliferation of memorials and plaques do not detract from the wider amenity and enjoyment of public spaces.

Civic memorials represent a significant civic acknowledgement of a subject. It is, therefore, necessary that clear criteria are used to evaluate any proposal. A monument is a lasting tribute to a person, group or event. Therefore Tipperary County Council needs to be confident that the subject of such a memorial is of sufficient importance that the decision to approve a monument will stand the test of time.

We would like to invite members of the public and interested groups to give their views on the Civic Memorial Policy for Tipperary County Council. The policy can be accessed at Copies are available at all Tipperary County Council offices and public libraries and here.

Submissions should be marked ‘Civic Memorial Policy’ and should be sent by Email to or post to Tipperary County Council Library Service, Castle Avenue, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

The deadline for submissions is 4 p.m. on Friday 22nd February 2019.

Karl Cashen, Director of Services


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