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This service was established to support the Special Needs and Learning Support staff in the primary schools in County Tipperary. The aim of the service is to provide teachers with varied and quality material that can help children of all ages from infants to 6 th class, with all sorts of learning and reading difficulties.

This service is extremely popular and is utilised by over 180 teachers. Loan allocation depends on the number of pupils a teacher has and the variety of their abilities and ages. However, every effort is made to make sure each teacher gets what they need from the service.

The service is flexible,however, the majority of teachers use the service in September and October.You can phone or e-mail your requests which can be delivered to one of our branch libraries near your school.

Many publishers provide online resources, which can supplement your book stock and provide entertaining session games and activities.

Contact Details:
Schools Library Service,
Library Headqaurters,
Castle Avenue
Co. Tipperary


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