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‘Imagine your home is bombed one Sunday afternoon by a horde of enemy planes. Imagine your family has gone and you are left behind. This is the fate of five-year-old Peter and two teenagers Yuri and Tanya.

Imagine being ordered to leave school to fight the terrifying Nazis in WWII. Imagine you are right in the middle of a battle; it’s you or them – you have no choice. This is the fate of Vlad and his three classmates.’


Without exception the Book Gobblers book club, aged ten to twelve, declared this book to be ‘brilliant’.  The members loved the fact that it was a very realistic war story, fiction based on true events.  They loved that the author was not afraid to explore the violent side of War.  As one member said, ‘war is war, it is not fun and games.’

They found the historical element to be very interesting, a new genre that they discovered they love.  The words they used to describe this novel are nail biting, tense, dramatic, heart wrenching, sad, funny at times and very interesting.  Having two story lines which came together near the end fascinated them. They would recommend it to boys and girls, age 10+

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