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This is a very good Young Adult read which could easily crossover into Adult fiction.  The content is geared towards 16+.  Eddie and Elsie are twins and one day on their 11th birthday, Eddie drowned in the sea.  His body was never recovered.  This is a family in crisis, the trauma of their loss causing all kinds of dysfunction amongst the remaining four.  The parents are continuously openly arguing.  Elsie feels completely ignored by her parents and suffers bullying at school on a daily basis.   Her brother Dillon is having nightmares so regularly, leaving Elsie to wonder what really happened the day her twin drowned. Then she discovers free diving and the story takes off from there.  This story is full of emotion and deals with all kinds of issues. It has been described as a dark page turner but I think its a pretty realistic version of what could happen to a family in a situation like this.  It certainly is a page turner, with characters that you will both love and some you will love to hate.  Highly recommended teenage read but be warned that it does have some very adult content.    The teenage book club had mixed feelings towards it. Some felt the characters were not so likeable, while others felt very drawn towards some of them.  But they all agreed that the writing style of the author made it a compelling read.  Some thought it was slow to take off but a page turner all the same.  The idea of free diving was something that intrigued them because it wasn’t familiar to any of them.   Again because of adult content they feel it is more suited to age 16+


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