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This is a brilliant book by an incredible author, sadly now deceased.  It’s a book written for teenagers but could definitely crossover into adult interest.  The storyline is very unique, based around two socially dysfunctional teenage boys, one who decides to steal a car for a road trip and the other who reluctantly (at first) tags along.  Based in Germany, this is a great translation of a book which German readers are sure will eventually be considered a classic.  In fact many readers were hugely distraught when the author took his own life after a long illness.

Mike and Tschick take us on an adventure filled, often disaster filled journey through Eastern Germany.  During the trip both outcasts realise that the unlikeliest people can form strong life-long bonds.  They experience so many emotions while meeting other characters along the way.  The ending is absolutely brilliant.  Herrndorf paints a truly life like picture of the characters, the scene, the road trip, bringing it all to life in a way that could only be described as genius.  You will love some characters, you will loathe some as well.  Highly recommended for 14+ and adults who enjoy teenage fiction.


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