Mobility Monday, Tipperary Town Library.

Tipperary Town

Use it or lose it is never truer with our bodies ability to move well, this routine is designed to highlight mobility and strengthening exercises for each joint complex from […]


Thurles Library Craft Group

Thurles Library Adult Craft Group continues every Monday morning from 10.30am-12.30pm. Bring along whatever craft you enjoy, meet like-minded people, share ideas and have a chat over a nice cuppa! […]


Templemore Library Craft Group

Templemore Library Craft Circle meet on Tuesdays to work on their latest craft project. If you would like to come along with a project of your own and have a […]


Thurles Library Quiet Time

Thurles Library is introducing quiet time on Tuesday evenings from 6pm-7pm in our children's library. During that time , we will create a calm and quiet environment. Sensory toys, Sensory […]

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