Meet Libby, our FREE app for accessing a treasure trove of magazine titles that cater to every possible taste, hobby or interest. Borrow magazines to read on your phone or tablet. There are over 3,000 titles to choose from covering all manner of topics.

This wonderful intuitive app allows you to browse magazines in a variety of ways. First off you can flick through it as you would a physical magazine, either one-page or two-pages at a time. You can then focus in once you spot an interesting piece.

Alternatively, you can select the “Article View” which lets you browse the magazine displayed as individual article pages. There is also a “Thumbnail View” that converts the magazine into a list of thumbnailed article links which you can scroll through until you find something that piques your interest.


From May 1st 2024 eMagazines will no longer be provided by Libby. Borrowbox will take over the delivery of eMagazines. If you are already a Borrowbox user you will notice a new ePress section appear in the app. If you have not used Borrowbox before you need to download the app and then use your Library Barcode number and PIN to access the content. For more information about Borrowbox, including a video tutorial and FAQs, visit our Borrowbox page by clicking here.

Below is a brief overview of the sort of content you can access completely FREE of charge:

Fashion: Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, Tatler UK, Marie Claire

Entertainment: Empire, Rolling Stone, Variety, Uncut, Total Film, Guitar World, SFX

Celebrity: Hello!, New Idea, Closer, Heat, InTouch, Us Weekly, Grazia, Paris Match

Cooking & Food: BBC Good Food, Bon Appetit, Taste of Home, Bake from Scratch

Health & Fitness: Men’s Health, Runner’s World, Women’s Fitness, Yoga Journal

Sports: Cycling Weekly, Match!, Golf Monthly, Mountain Bike Rider, FourFourTwo

Motoring: Auto Express, Car and Driver, What Car?, Top Gear, Bike, Caravan World

Tech & Gaming: Minecraft World, WIRED, PC World, T3, Stuff, What Hi-Fi?, PC Gamer

Culture: Smithsonian, National Geographic, Writing, All About History, Reader’s Digest

There are also magazines for lovers of Photography, Art, Architecture, Crafts, Travel, Gardening and a whole host of other bespoke titles. All you need is a library card to get access. No charges. No fees. Just a feast of publications to choose from! Download the app now and avail of this fantastic free resource.

Check out below for a “How to” video as well as an FAQ section.

How do I access Libby?

There are two ways to access the service:

1. The Libby app. There is an app for Android, Apple and Kindle Fire devices – just look for ‘Libby’ in your app store to download or follow the links below to download directly. Accessing the app involves the exact same process as accessing the website. See below for instructions.

2. The Libby website. Go to https://libbyapp.com/ . You will be asked: do you have a library card? Click on ‘Yes’. Next, select the “Search For A Library” option from the three options provided. In the search box where it says “LIBRARY NAME, CITY, OR ZIP” enter ‘Tipperary’. Select “Tipperary Public Library” when it appears. Now do the following:

  •         Click on “Sign In With My Card”.
  •         Enter your Library Card (Barcode) number and hit “Next”.
  •         Now enter you PIN and hit “Sign In”.
  •         You have to option to “Rename Card” if you want.
  •         If not, hit “Next”.
  •         Now you are signed in and can start borrowing magazines from Libby’s massive archive of titles.

How do I borrow a magazine?

Once you have found a publication that you want click on it. This brings up the publication details. Under the image of the publication there is a “Borrow” button. Click on it. Now the Borrow details screen comes up displaying your county, your library barcode and the borrowing period. Click on the “Borrow” button.

Will my loans only be available on the device I borrowed it?

No. Once you borrow a publication it will be available to you on every device you have the Libby app. So, for example, if you borrow a magazine on your PC via the website you will be able to view it on your phone (once you have the app downloaded).

How many magazines can I borrow and for how long?

You can borrow three magazines at a time. Each loan you take out is for 21 days. You can renew your loan after this if you want.

Can I adjust the text size of publications?

Yes. Libby has a number of different tools that allow you to manipulate articles and text to suit your viewing/reading needs. You can zoom in and out. You can select individual pages to appear fullscreen. You can adjust the text scale and the lighting of the text. You can browse one or two pages at a time.

Can I put bookmarks on pages that I want to come back to later?

Yes. There is a bookmark function that allows you to do this. There is also a search option that allows you to search your selected publication by keyword.

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