Transparent Language Online

Learn a new language today with Transparent Language. Their online resource and app can help you get to grips with over 150 languages! From Afrikaans to Zulu their easy to navigate system offers fun programs with serious results. Create a learning experience that meets your specific goals whether that’s beginner alphabet courses, professional-level lessons, skills based practice and beyond!

ESL (English as a Second Language) courses are available for non-English speakers who need a FREE learning tool. There are also language pairing options (e.g. Spanish for Turkish speakers) and flexible learning paths. Just create your account using the link then download the app!

All you have to do is go to Transparent Language Online, enter your Library Card number then create a Username and Password and you are ready to go. Once you have created your profile you can then download the app, enter your login credentials and you are ready to start learning a new language on the commute to and from work, during lunch, while relaxing at home or whenever else you have a bit of free time. It really is that easy.

How do I access Transparent Language Online?

There are 2 ways to access Transparent Language Online.

You can download the Transparent Language Online app. Once you have downloaded the app follow the same procedure as above to get access.

Once you have created an account and selected a language you will be guided through how to use your “Learning Path”.

You can also access it via their website by clicking on this link: Transparent Language Online.

  •         Once there select “Sign Up” option.
  •         Enter your Library Card (Barcode) number and hit ‘Submit’
  •         Next, create your account by entering a Username, Name, Email address and Password.
  •         Click the “Terms of Use” tickbox.
  •         Hit ‘Create Account’.


And that’s it! You are ready to start learning a new language.


How do I start the language lessons?

Beside each lesson is a “Learn” button. Just click on that and the lesson will begin. At the end of each lesson click “Done” to proceed to the next lesson. Lessons are divided up into Units on what is called a Learning Path.

Are there time limits on Learning Paths?

No. Transparent Language is designed to help you learn in your own time at your own pace. You can, however, set “Personal Goals” if you find that helps you on your learning journey.

Are there any exams?

As you progress through your Learning Path there are short assessments along the way but these are designed to help reinforce what you have learned not to catch you out.

Can kids use Transparent Languages?

Yes. Kidspeak is a special feature designed with children in mind. You can access the Kidspeak feature for Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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