Join the Library

Joining the library is completely free of charge. When you join, become a member of every library in Ireland, meaning you can access a national collection that boasts millions of items including books, comics, video games, DVDs, assistive technologies, sensory toys and audiobooks. If your local branch doesn’t have an item, they will order it from a branch that does, and you will be notified when it arrives.

You are also entitled to FREE 3D printing, FREE PC access, FREE Wi-Fi, FREE apps, FREE online courses, FREE self-improving talks, FREE author readings, FREE children’s events and activities, FREE newspapers, FREE magazines and FREE book clubs.

How do I Join the Library?

It couldn’t be easier. You can do it online by clicking the “Join Online” button right now or, if you prefer, pay a visit to your local branch and fill out a short registration form.

While you are there, have a chat with staff about our range of services and find out about upcoming events in your local branch and throughout the county.

How do I join the library?

You can join the library by popping into your local branch, or you can sign up online by visiting our Online Portal.

After signing up online, you can visit your local branch to collect your library card. Signing up online gives you access to our Online Services.

Can I renew my loans if I am unable to make it into a branch?

Yes, you can. Just go to the Online Portal, log in, select “Current Loans” and then select whatever items you would like to renew.

How many items can I borrow and how long is the loan period?

You can borrow up to 12 items for a period of 3 weeks. You can renew these items twice to give a total loan period of 9 weeks. After this, items must be returned or your account will enter “debarred” status which limits your access to library services.

What fees are there?

Since January 2019 there are NO FEES. That means there are no more registration fees, no more fines for overdue items and, a more recent addition, no more charges for using our public PCs.

What do I do if I can’t find the book I want in my local branch?

By joining your local branch, you are now a member of every library in the country and, consequently, you can access the collections of every library in the country. To order the book you want from another library, just ask staff in your local branch or, alternatively, you can order it yourself using the Online Portal. Just search for the title, place a reservation and then select where you want to collect it from.

What FREE apps can I access with my library card?

Your library membership grants you free access to the following apps available from either the App Store or Google Play.

  •        Borrowbox – eBooks & eAudiobooks. Take the library with you on the go.
  •        Press Reader – Online newspapers from all around the world.
  •        Libby – Online magazines covering every topic of interest you can think of!

Once you have downloaded the apps to your device, all you need to access them are your Library Barcode number and PIN. If you have any trouble, contact staff in your local branch, and they will help you to get set up.

What other FREE services can I access with my library card?

You can access Universal Class, our online learning platform that includes an ever-expanding catalogue of over 600 FREE courses. You can also access Transparent Language Online, our FREE language learning resource. Choose from over 150 languages and get learning today. All you need is your Library Barcode number and PIN.

How do I use the remote printing service?

You can send items to printers in your local branch via email or using the PrinterOn app. For more details go here.

How do I find out what events are on in my local library?

For a full list of what’s happening in our branches throughout the county visit our “Events” page here. You can also follow us on Facebook for regular updates about upcoming events.

Where do I get information about local history and genealogy?

All our branches have a collection of local history books. Just ask at your local library and they will help you out. We also provide a local history service via our Tipperary Studies department. Visit their website at for more information.

For more links visit our Local History section.

I’m a teacher, how do I order books for my school?

Ordering class sets for schools couldn’t be easier. You just need to e-mail Gemma, the head of our Schools section at Please make sure to include:

  1.         Your name, email and phone number.
  2.         The name of your school.
  3.         The title of the novel you want to order a set of.
  4.         The number of copies you want.
  5.         When you want them.

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