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The Pressreader app and website connects you with newspapers from around the globe. Featuring a dynamic user interface that allows you to browse through publications displayed in their printed format, PressReader is the ideal way to enjoy news titles from around the world on your phone, tablet or laptop.

With publications such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Telegraph, The Irish Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Times of India, Der Tagesspiegel, The Australian, Corriere Della Sera and many, many more to choose from, PressReader is your direct portal to world events and current affairs.


From May 1st 2024 eNewspapers will no longer be provided by PressReader. Borrowbox will take over the delivery of eNewspapers. If you are already a Borrowbox user you will notice a new ePress section appear in the app. If you have not used Borrowbox before you need to download the app and then use your Library Barcode number and PIN to access the content. For more information about Borrowbox, including a video tutorial and FAQs, visit our Borrowbox page by clicking here.

Just download the app or visit the website, click on ‘Sign In’ and then click the ‘Library or Group’ button and enter your library card number. It really is that simple!

Check out below for a “How to” video as well as an FAQ section.

How do I access PressReader?

There are two ways to access the service:

The PressReader app. There is an app for Android, Apple and Kindle Fire devices – just look for ‘PressReader’ in your app store to download or follow the links below to download directly.

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to log in with your library card number. Here’s how you do that:

  •         Press ‘sign in’
  •         Select the ‘Library or Group’ option
  •         A search window will appear asking you for your library. The quickest way to find it is to type in “Tipperary” and that will bring it up straight away. Select “Tipperary Libraries”.
  •         Enter your Library Card number and PIN.
  •         Click Log In. Hit “Select Publication”. And that’s it you are ready to start browsing through a literal world of newspapers.


The PressReader website.

Go to On the homepage, up on the top right you will see a “Sign in” button. The process of signing in is very similar to the app.

  •         Press ‘sign in’
  •         Select the ‘Library or Group’ option.
  •         The “Select Library” popup will appear. Up on the top there is a search bar. Type in “Tipperary” and this will bring up the “Tipperary Libraries” option which you then select.
  •         The “Sign in” screen now appears. Enter your Library Card number and PIN and then click the Log In at the very bottom (under where you see your Library Card number). 
  •         You are now at the PressReader home screen. A selection of ‘Featured’ publications will appear. You can browse through these and other recommended publication or you can search for a specific one using the search option up on the top right (click on the magnifying glass icon).
  •         And that’s it you are ready to start browsing through a literal world of newspapers.

How long do I stay logged in for?

Once you are logged in you will remain logged in for 30 days. After this has elapsed just log in again for another 30 days access.

Can I change how I view each publication?

Each publication can be viewed as a digital representation of the physical newspaper which you can browse through by clicking on articles, which automatically zooms in on it, or clicking on page links which take you to that page of the newspaper. Alternatively, you can select “Text View” and this will present the publication in an easy-to-read horizontal stream.

Is there a way to listen to articles instead of reading them?

Yes, there is a “Listen” option that you can click. Once clicked this will commence reading out your selected publication. To listen to a specific article right-click on it and then select the “Listen” option and it will read out the article. It’s that simple!

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