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My Open Library self service operates from Mon-Sun between 8am & 10pm.

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Tipperary Town Library
The Excel Centre
Mitchel Street,
Tipperary Town,
Co. Tipperary.

Eircode: E34 KP60
Phone No : 052 616 6126
Email: tipperarylibrary@tipperarycoco.ie

Public PCs


Use your Library Card (Barcode) number and PIN to log into any public PC for 50-minute sessions. Members are permitted two 50-minute session per day.



Print from our public PCs or send documents from your phone or other devices via our remote printing options. You can also print from USB memory sticks. Prices are: Colour – 50c a sheet; Black & White – 20c a sheet.



Scan a document and send it to any email address or save it to a USB memory stick. FREE of charge.



Copy documents or ID cards. Prices are: Colour – 50c a sheet; Black & White – 20c a sheet.



Use our free WiFi by logging into the “Library Card Login” network using your Library Card (Barcode) number and PIN.

Sensory Area


Includes bubbling light towers, mirrors, soft furnishings, an image projector, Playlearn Colour Changing cylinder and a selection of items from our Sensory Toys & Resources collection.



Students of Further and Higher Education institutions can immediately connect to WiFi via the Eduroam network.

Self-Service Kiosk


Borrow and return books, collect remote printing jobs, view loan list and renew loans using our self-service kiosks.

Assistive Technologies


You can borrow items such as the C-Pen Readerpen and ACORN Age Friendly tablet as well as items from our Sensory Toys & Resources catalogue.

Study Space


Limited study space available. Contact branch as regards availability.

Children’s Reading Area


Chairs, tables, colouring pages and crayons are all available to give children a bright, comfortable and welcoming space where they can spend time reading, colouring or just relaxing.

Newspapers & Magazines


FREE editions of a variety of Newspapers and Magazines are available for patrons to read in the library. Titles include The Irish Independent, The Nenagh Guardian, The Midland Tribune, The Tipperary Star, Ideal Home, ELLE and Livingetc.


The My Open Library service offers extended opening hours by providing library access to members from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days per week, 365 days of the year. My Open Library is an unstaffed, self-service library, outside of regular opening hours. With My Open Library you can borrow and return items, print, photocopy, use the Internet, access Wifi and use our study space. Please note that there will be no library staff present. Members must be able to study independently without the need for supervision, use the IT equipment and comply with the terms and conditions of use.

To access My Open Library you must register in person at the library, and you must take part in an induction. The induction will point out the self-services available during unstaffed hours, and will demonstrate the safety procedures in place. Call to the library to find out more.

A social story provides a social learning tool for people of all ages with additional needs, learning difficulties and those on the Autism Spectrum. They are short descriptions of a particular situation, event or activity, which include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why.

The initiative expands on the current resources available, such as sensory places, sensory toys and quiet time, and plays a role in making County Tipperary an autism friendly place. Click on the text below to view or download:

Tipperary Town Social Story

I want to

Print A Document

E-mail Print Jobs to your branch library’s printer (Choose Black & White or Colour Printing) then collect at your leisure. Use the following addresses for Tipperary town:

A4 Black & White:     tipptownbwa4@printspots.com
A4 Colour:                  tipptowncola4@printspots.com

Use the Open Library

Our new My Open Library service gives users self-service access to the library during unstaffed hours. Come in to study, read the newspaper, return your books, borrow some new ones, use the PCs or print out documents any time from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year. Members wishing to avail of the My Open Library service will first have to sign up for a short induction. After that you are ready to go and free to use the service whenever you want. To find out more or to sign up for induction today talk to staff in Tipperary Town library. 

Use the Sensory Area

Tipperary Town has a wonderful new Sensory Area which is FREE to use for all visitors to the library. It includes bubbling light towers, mirrors, soft furnishings, an image projector, Playlearn Colour Changing cylinder and a selection of items from our Sensory Toys & Resources collection.Time spent in the Sensory Area can help people to regulate themselves before continuing with their library visit or heading home. 


Borrow an Item from the Sensory Toys Catalogue

The Sensory Toy and Resources Collection is available for lending to members of Tipperary County Council Library Service. To borrow, users must have a letter of referral from an Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Physiotherapist, Medical Practitioner, Resource Teacher or other professional working with them. 2 items can be borrowed at a time for a period of 3 weeks. For more information, ask staff in branch. To peruse the Sensory Toys & Resource Catalogue, click here.

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