Book Clubs

Explore the social aspect of reading by joining or creating a book club in one of our branches today. Discussing the impact a novel had on you with fellow readers can be a rewarding, enriching experience and offers a great chance to socialise and converse with other bookworms. 

Or, if you’ve only recently gotten back into the habit of reading, Book Clubs provide you with the opportunity to explore titles, genres and viewpoints that you may not have come across before. You could find yourself reading the book you’ve been looking for your whole life!

Our staff will only be too happy to tell you about book clubs that are already running in branches or, if you would like to start up a book club of your own, they will guide you through the simple process of doing so. If you need some ideas as regards what books would make for good discussions we can also help you in that department. 

Some of our branches also offer Book Clubs for Kids and Young Adults  – if you have someone at home who would love to be involved we’d be delighted to help get them started.

To find out more about Book Clubs in your area contact your local branch.

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